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Americana Armlock

    The Americana armlock, also known as the figure-four armlock or paintbrush submission, is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) technique that targets the shoulder joint. It is a highly effective submission used to control and submit an opponent from a dominant position. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to execute the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Americana armlock:

    1. Establish Position: Begin by positioning yourself in a dominant position, such as side control or mount, where you have control over your opponent’s upper body. For this description, we’ll assume you’re in side control.

    2. Control the Arm: Identify the arm you want to attack (usually the one that is closer to you). Reach under your opponent’s arm with your near-side arm and grip their wrist. Your hand should be palm-up, and your thumb should be on the same side as your fingers, creating a “monkey grip.”

    3. Isolate the Arm: To isolate your opponent’s arm, apply downward pressure on their wrist while using your chest to control their elbow. Your body weight should prevent them from easily retracting their arm.

    4. Move to the “Americana” Grip: With your free hand (far-side hand), reach over and grip your own wrist that’s holding your opponent’s wrist. This forms a figure-four grip with your hands. Your gripping hand’s thumb should be pointing upward, and your other hand’s thumb should be pointing downward. This grip applies rotational pressure to the shoulder joint.

    5. Secure the Grip: Slide your hand that’s gripping your opponent’s wrist toward their shoulder, making sure your figure-four grip is tight. This will create a lever effect on your opponent’s shoulder joint.

    6. Apply Pressure: Using your body weight, pull your opponent’s wrist upward and toward their head, while simultaneously pushing their elbow down to the mat. This combination of movements creates pressure on the shoulder joint, which can lead to a tap-out or a submission if your opponent doesn’t defend effectively.

    7. Maintain Control: As you apply pressure, ensure that you maintain control of your opponent’s upper body with your chest and your body weight. This will make it difficult for them to escape or counter your submission attempt.

    8. Communicate: Throughout the execution of the Americana armlock, communicate with your training partner or opponent. Make sure they tap out as soon as they feel discomfort or pain in their shoulder joint. Always prioritize safety and tap out when you’re in a submission yourself.

    Remember that proper technique and control are crucial in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to prevent injury and ensure the safety of both you and your training partner. Practice the Americana armlock under the supervision of a qualified BJJ instructor, and focus on drilling the technique before attempting it in live rolling or competition scenarios.

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    All grappling techniques are potentially dangerous and should only be practiced under the supervision of a trained martial arts instructor.

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