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Armbar from Closed Guard

    The classic armbar is one of the most effective submissions from closed guard. There are unlimited variations and setups of this attack. The following technique remains one of the most basic, effective and technical attacks out there if timed correctly. The armbar is most effective when properly utilizing your hips as a fulcrum and using your hand or arm to pull on your opponents wrist area. This action applies massive force against the weak elbow joint. The foot on the hip area is key in creating the best angle and most effective attack imaginable.

    Step 1

    Secure your opponent and closed guard.

    Step 2

    Use your right hand to cross grip your opponents right arm just above the elbow as your free hand locks therefore on. Place your left foot on your opponents right head.

    Step 3

    Pushing off your opponents hip with your left foot, slide your back on the mat until your head is near their left knee. As you create this angle, you’re right leg assist by sliding high until your opponents left armpit and then forcibly swinging downward at the heel. This pendulum motion of my hell, in conjunction with my primary change of angle, pushes my opponents posture to their right.

    Step 4

    Once your opponent’s posture is disrupted to their right, swing your left leg over their face. To finish the classic armbar, squeeze your knees together, push down with your legs, and pull down with both hands on your your opponents right wrist.

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