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B-Team Visits Lex Fridman Podcast

    The B-Team made a much-anticipated appearance on the Lex Fridman Podcast this week. The co-founders and leaders of the second-best jiu-jitsu academy in Austin, Texas sat down with the well-known podcaster to discuss a variety of topics. Lex asked a variety of thought-out questions to Craig Jones, Nicky Rodriguez, and Nicky Ryan ranging from the formation of the B-team, the fallout with DDS, steroids, black belts, gis, greasing accusations, Nicky Rod vs Gordon, needed lion vs bear debate.

    Lex is not just a fan of BJJ but he is a practitioner and black belt. Despite the team rivals, he remains friendly with all and featured John Danaher on his podcast back in October. This time the B-Team had an opportunity in front of the mic and didn’t hold back, except on any DDS breakup details.

    According to Craig, steroids are common amongst top submission grappling athletes. He went on to say promotions like the ADCC even encourage it.

    They test to make sure we are on steroids….. I like to assume everyone is on steriods so I don’t have to feel bad about using steriods myself.

    Criag Jones

    While on the subject of steroids, Craig Jones took the opportunity and asked Nicky Rod about his match with Gordon.

    Do you think that, if you were on steroids, you would’ve finished the choke?

    Nicky “Natty King” responded confidently:

    I mean, for sure. You’re changing the biology of your body, you’re adjusting the DNA…For sure, if I adjusted my DNA, it’s a finish.

    Nicky Rod

    Lex pulled through and made sure we got the really important questions asked during the interview which lasted almost three hours.

    Who would win: Lion vs Bear?

    How would you fight a Lion or Bear?

    Photo via Nicky Ryan’s Instagram
    Lex Fridman Podcast

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