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Baret Yoshida stops Ayahuasca ceremony to be inducted into ADCC Hall of Fame

    Baret Yoshida has officially joined the ADCC Hall of Fame and visited a few other dimensions along the way. This past weekend at ADCC 2022, Baret, along with other legends of the sport, were inducted into the ADCC Hall of Fame. Baret is a two time ADCC silver medalist and one time bronze medal champion. He first gain notoriety when he secured a silver medal in the finals of his first ADCC World Championship in 2001, against Royler Gracie. 

    Baret was in the middle of participating in an Ayahuasca ceremony, about to speak to Mother Earth herself, when teammates reminded him the ADCC Hall Of Fame event was taking place shortly. Baret had no choice but to break the forbidden shaman rules and leave in the middle of the ceremony. Tripping all the way to the area, with help from fellow teammates, Baret made it to the event just in time.

    With Ayahuasca flowing deep within his being, Baret was able to tune in to a higher frequency and share some incredible jiu-jitsu and life advice. “There wasn’t as many back then, jiu-jitsu was brand new back then. It wasn’t like a sport so much….like street fights. You know.” Baret is known for his jiu-jitsu craftiness and relentless attacks. It is said the origin of his signature assassin choke came to him during an Ayahuasca ceremony.

    It was initially reported that Joe Rogan, who was in attendance this past weekend at ADCC, was able to help Baret come back down to ground level. However, conflicting reports are now saying they were both found back at the Ayahuasca ceremony and that Rogan was now the head shaman.

    Congratulations Baret on your induction to the ADCC Hall of Fame!

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