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Bravo Choke

    The great jujitsu practitioner, Leo Vieira, is credited with the creation of the Bravo choke. This choke capitalizes on the defense is of a knowledgeable opponent suffer for it. The more practice to have with chokes, the more familiar you’ll become with the finer details. The more threatening your choking submissions become, the harder your opponent will try to resist them. Timing your opponent’s resistance properly is the key the Bravo choke and a major key to unlocking many more doors in the jiu-jitsu realm.

    Step 1

    Secure your opponent in the closed guard position. Set up your attack with a cross collar grip.

    Step 2

    As you attempt the cross joke with your left hand, you’re a opponent will quickly defend this by grabbing your left wrist to prevent the hold.

    Step 3

    While your opponent wrestles with your left hand, place your right foot on their hip and press their left arm inward with your leg. This position will temporarily trap their arm.

    Step 4

    In a quick movement, reach over your opponent’s left arm with your left hand and grab behind their lower triceps. Use your arm and leg at the same time, to create pressure on his left arm to his right

    Step 5

    Continue pulling until your opponents left elbow is straight and passes their centerline. At this point, you can remove your right foot from their hip and place it on their back.

    Step 6

    With your opponent’s posture now broken, and your right leg creating pressure on their back, release your left hand and grab behind your opponents head – creating downward pressure. You finish, pull with your right hand while pushing their head down with your left.

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