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Breaking: Cyborg is Actually the Liver King

    Cyborg has finally spoken out since he was banned by the IBJJF along with four other well-known black belts for anti-doping violations. Igor Feliz, age 24; Jonnatas Gracie, age 25; Brian “Cyborg” Johnson, age 42; José Cardoso, age 29; and Vagner Rocha, age 40 — have all been suspended from IBJJF competition for three years.

    As the news spread almost as quickly as the buggy choke, the BJJ community waited for a response from the juicy black belts. Cyborg was the first to speak out, posting in defense of his steroid use citing that he is old and it helps with ED. Many were confused when they first heard of Maggie’s recent breakup with Cyborg, but now we understand.

    However, the most shocking news was finding out that Brian “Cyborg” Johnson is actually The Liver King. Cyborg said he could no longer live the lie of being someone he is not and wants to “drop the fake beard for good.” Apparently, the Jiu-Jitsu Cyborg is another persona created by Brian Johnson to continue his steroid use.

    We are not sure if the Liver King will continue now that his other persona has also been caught on the juice. After the public call-out last year, it seems as though he couldn’t stay off the roids after all.

    It makes sense the Liver King would choose Jiu-Jitsu as a way to continue his steroid use. As Hector Vasquez pointed out with a comment on Cyborg’s post, “EVERYONE IS ON STEROIDS.”

    This new information contradicts our story last year on Liver King Lies About Training Jiu-Jitsu. However, we will be taking Eddie Bravo’s advice and we’ll look into it.

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