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Butterfly Guard Sweep 1.0

    Also known as the sitting guard with hooks, this move is key to setting up sweeps, arm locks, and chokes. When using this sweep, it is important to remember 2 things: 1. Keep your back off the ground 2. Slide your hips to one of the sides or hooks.

    Step 1

    When in butterfly guard, grab an overhook of opponent’s right arm with your left arm. Using your right arm, pull down on opponent’s gi, pass to your left hand, giving you a much tighter overhook on opponent’s right arm. Slide your hips to your left until opponent posts out with their left arm to brace for a sweep.

    Step 2

    Using your right arm to grab your opponent’s left arm at the wrist, begin the sweeping action. Continue the sweep by throwing your body to the right and lifting opponent’s right leg with your left hook.

    Step 3

    Continue the sweep by falling to your right, until your face touches the ground. Pull opponent’s left arm toward your head to remove their balance point.

    Step 4

    With balance point removed, opponent is swept. Keep entire body angled at 45 degrees, instead of completing sweep onto your side.

    Step 5

    As you kept the 45 degree angle during sweep, next, transition into mount position.

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