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Craig Jones Goes Hard in Interview on UFC 284

    The outcome of UFC 284 is still a hot topic around the MMA interwebs. Islam Makhachev defeated Alex Vokanovski by decision in the main event in an incredible fight. Islam may have won, but it was a fight that showcased Alex’s fantastic wrestling against a much larger opponent. Craig Jones details his thoughts on the fight and what Islam actually said to him in the Octagon in a recent interview on Submission Radio.

    He went toe to toe with the grappling with Islam. And Islam is considered probably the most effective grappler in the sport.

    Craig Jones on Submission Raido

    Perhaps it’s fitting that Alex turned up short since his wrestling coach is in fact B-team founder and multiple ADCC silver medal champion, Craig Jones. When the fight ended, Islam was seen approaching Craig and saying a few words. Last week Jones shared a clip on Instagram, but the jokester didn’t quite post exactly what Islam actually said. Craig’s Instagram post quoted Islam as saying, “Brother how do you finish the rear naked choke?”

    Fortunately, we got the real answer when Craig appeared on a recent episode of Submission Radio:

    I was confused, because he came up, hugged me, and pretended to throw me… And then I thought that the interaction was over. And then he came up again. That’s why I was, like, is this guy… I was confused that he wanted to talk to me again.

    But he just made a joke, he was like: “Oh, you gotta teach your boy how to escape back control.”

    Craig Jones on Submisson Radio

    The interview gave Craig a chance to share his thoughts on the IV situation as well. I said he hasn’t kept up with what’s been released to the media but he did, “hear rumors of an Australian IV company that worked with Russian fighters.” He stated that as Alex’s grappling coach it wasn’t really his area to pursue and that he would leave that to management.

    I wouldn’t put it past anyone really, if they beleive they can get away with it.

    Craig Jones on Islam and using IV

    Below is the full interview with Craig Jones on Submission Radio where he goes into detail discussing the scoring and grappling of the fight in much more detail. He also comments on a potential rematch, and more!

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