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Dana White Power Slaps Wife on NYE

    UFC President Dana White power slapped his wife on NYE promoting the new Power Slap League premiering later this month. The UFC President took his marketing genius to new heights on Saturday night by slapping the crap out of his wife after she had the first go at his ever growing head. Fortunately, for the Power Slap skeptic, it was all caught on camera; including footage of Dana throwing a never before seen Stockton power slap across his wife’s face. 

    The Power Slap is the world’s premier slap fighting organization founded by the MMA promoter, Dana White himself. After a coin toss, two “fighters” take turns delivering powerful open hand strikes to each others faces until one wins the match. The new promotion premiers Wednesday, January 11th, with no better way to promote a Slap League than to actually publicly slap your wife on New Year’s Eve. 

    The NYE preshow included Mr. and Mrs. White partaking in copious amounts of alcohol and awkward dancing before their main event match at a crowded Cabo San Lucas nightclub in Mexico. The couple, who’ve been married for 26 years, were excited about the private event that was hosted in the VIP area at El Squid Roe. 

    After a quick rule check, Anne White had the first go at Dana with a nice right open hand across Dana’s sweaty forehead. Dana, wasting no time at all, responded with an incredible right-handed Stockton slap, sending his wife to the floor. Unfortunately, Forrest Griffin (the Power Slap Leagues head catcher) was not there to catch Mrs. White fall. 

    In his victory speech, Dana humbly thanked Nick and Nate Diaz for supporting him throughout the years and for sharing the sacred Stockton slap secrets with him. Anne White said there was no excuse and it was for the sake of our kids. We hope to see her back in the Slapzone soon.  

    To say we are now looking forward to the Power Slap League’s Premiere is an understatement. Slapping continues to gain fans across combat sports. Eddie Bravo was available for comment saying to, “Look into it.” 

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