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Double Under-Hooks – Half Guard

    Double under-hooks is the key to turning the half guard position into an offensive position. The ability to control your opponent becomes available once you have the double under-hooks and the Lockdown in place properly. The proximity to sweeping your opponent and getting to a top position is now just a step away.

    However, achieving double under-hooks can be quite the battle in and of itself. Often, you opponent on top will be doing everything they can to secure one under-hook they need in order to pass your guard. If your opponent tries passing without an under-hook, you can simply take their back. The goal is to win the under-hook battle while using the legs to Lockdown and distract your opponent in order to help achieve this goal.

    Step 1

    Start pummeling immediately. Get your left arm under your opponents right arm on the same side that the Lockdown is on.

    Step 2

    Use your right forearm and control your opponents left arm passed their elbow. While doing this, reach through with your left arm.

    Step 3

    Grab you hands together and while continuing to stretch out the Lockdown.

    Step 4

    Grip your hands together using a Gable Grip. Wrap your fingers around the outside of your thumbs.

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