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Electric Chair Submission & Sweep

    The 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu Electric Chair submission and sweep is a highly effective and somewhat unorthodox technique that comes from the 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu system, founded by Eddie Bravo. This move is typically used in no-gi grappling, and it can catch your opponent off guard if they’re not familiar with it. Below, I’ll describe in detail how to perform the Electric Chair submission and sweep.


    1. Positioning: Begin in a traditional open guard position, with you on your back and your opponent on top, inside your guard. Ideally, you should be in the Lockdown position or have one of your legs in a half-guard configuration.
    2. Control the Leg: To set up the Electric Chair, you’ll need to control one of your opponent’s legs. Reach across your opponent’s body and grab their far leg, hooking your arm under their thigh and gripping their ankle.
    3. Posture and Balance: Maintaining your posture and balance is crucial. Keep your back flat on the ground and your head up to prevent your opponent from easily passing your guard.

    Execution (Electric Chair Sweep):

    1. Shift Your Hips: Begin to shift your hips toward the side where you have control of your opponent’s leg. This movement is essential for creating the angle needed to execute the sweep.
    2. Hook Your Free Leg: Take your free leg (the one not controlling your opponent’s leg) and hook it under their far leg, like a butterfly hook. This hook is crucial for both the sweep and the submission.
    3. Apply Pressure: Now, using the control of your opponent’s leg and the hook of your free leg, start to apply outward pressure on their knee. This will stretch their leg and create discomfort, making it difficult for them to resist the sweep.
    4. Drive Your Hips: Simultaneously, use your hips to drive into your opponent’s trapped leg. This motion should be smooth and controlled. It will further destabilize your opponent and facilitate the sweep.
    5. Complete the Sweep: With continued pressure on their knee and hip drive, roll your opponent over toward the side where you have control. As you roll, make sure to keep control of their leg and maintain your balance.

    Execution (Electric Chair Submission):

    1. Transition to Submission: After successfully sweeping your opponent to their side, you can transition to the Electric Chair submission.
    2. Maintain Leg Control: Keep a firm grip on your opponent’s leg with both hands, and maintain the stretch on their knee by pulling it outward.
    3. Control Their Upper Body: With your opponent on their side, you have various options for controlling their upper body. You can use your free hand to control their head or arm, limiting their ability to defend.
    4. Apply Pressure Gradually: To finish the submission, gradually apply pressure to the knee joint while maintaining control over their upper body. The goal is to put torque on their knee, creating discomfort and forcing them to tap out.
    5. Tap or Submit: Your opponent should eventually tap out due to the pressure on their knee. As soon as they tap, release the pressure to ensure they don’t suffer any injury.

    Remember that the Electric Chair submission and sweep require practice and precision. It’s important to drill these techniques under the guidance of a qualified instructor to ensure you execute them safely and effectively. Additionally, always prioritize your training partner’s safety and tap early if you’re on the receiving end of the submission.

    Electric Chair in Detail

    Electric Chair (Short Video)

    Electric Chair Setup (Eddie Bravo)

    All grappling techniques are potentially dangerous and should only be practiced under the supervision of a trained martial arts instructor. For more techniques, please visit the main techniques section.

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