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Ezequiel Choke from Mount

    The Ezequiel choke gets it’s name from non other than the famous Brazilian judo and jiu-jitsu artist, Ezequiel Paraguassu. This choke is famous for it’s direct and incredible choking pressure.

    Step 1

    Stabilize your mount position by sinking your hips back into a lower mounted position. Use your arm in forward motion to help stabilize this position.

    Step 2

    Keep heavy pressure on your opponent while in this low mounted position and slide your left hand and arm under your their neck.

    Step 3

    Grab your right sleeve with your left hand. Slide four fingers on your left hand into your the inside of your right sleeve.

    Step 4

    Keep your fingers that are gripped inside the sleeve parallel to each other. Circle your right hand to the front of your opponents neck and throat area.

    Step 5

    Keeping heavy pressure on your hips and a lower front posture, move your right hand to your left forearm and grip. Create forward downward pressure. This secures the choke by blocking blocking the flow of blood to both jugular arteries and immediate opponent reaction.

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