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Gordon Ryan Announces $1MM+ Deal with FloSports

    FloSports and Gordon Ryan announce a multi-match seven-figure deal on Tuesday.

    FloSports and Gordon Ryan are making big waves in the combat sports world. Today the sports streaming service announced a multi-match, seven-figure deal with Gordon Ryan. He confirmed the announcement, making a post on Instagram. Ryan is an American submission grappler from New Jersey and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu 1st degree black belt. He is considered to be the greatest no-g grappler of all time due to his long list of accomplishments and dominance in competition.

    Ryan stated the deal is “non exclusive” and he will likely also been seen competing on UFC Fight Pass.

    The deal sets an unpreceded dollar amount for an athlete competing in the sport of jiu-jitsu. Ryan is to compete in multiple matches at FloGrappling’s Tezos Who’s Number One Series, where he resides as the current WNO heavyweight champion. The competition was created in 2020 and is now one of the most exciting no-gi jiu-jitsu around.

    Ryan did not hold back on his Instagram and shared his thoughts.

     I will be the first jiu jitsu athlete worth 100m dollars, doubt me…More to come💰👑💰

    via Gordon Ryan’s Instagram

    Gordon Ryan is a five-time ADCC world champion, two time IBJJF world No-Gi champion, and four-time Eddie Bravo Invitational champion. He recently defeated Nick Rodriguez in EBI OT via ride time at the main event of the UFC Fight Pass on December 15.

    If you can make over $1,000,000 dollars a year by simply competing, you can’t live like a like NFL or NBA player can, but you can live like an athlete. In 2023 I won’t be making 7 figures a year by competing, I’ll be making WELL into the 7 figures a year by competing. 

    Take this as bragging or as inspiration, I personally don’t give a single f***. This is one of the most massive deals and milestones in the sport of jiu jitsu and is incredible for everyone in the sport. I said I was taking us to the next level, and I meant every word of it.

    via Gordon Ryan’s Instagram

    Gordon is looking to continue his dominance into 2023. We look forward to watching “the King” in action.

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