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Gordon Ryan sweep breakdown of André Galvão – ADCC 2022

    Gordon Ryan uses a nice foot hook, simple block, perfect timing and more to put Andre down and take top position during ADCC 2022. In this breakdown, you can see Gordon working constantly. Every move is methodical, has a purpose, and is done with smooth force.

    Step 1

    Gordon catches the back of André’s right foot with his left foot. With Gordon’s shin flexed, he uses this hook as a scoop to catch André’s leg.

    Step 2

    Gordon is now able to grab André’s left leg and controls with a deep arm hook.

    Step 3

    Gordon pulls André’s head down, causing him to go off balance. Gordon uses this opportunity to move under André. Gordon maintains his left hand on André’s right leg for additional control.

    Step 4

    Gordon frames with his right hand on André’s right side to prevent the back step.

    Step 5

    Gordon pushes forward and comes up with single leg. His right hand is on the back on André’s leg. Gordon’s left foot and shin are hooked and pushing forward.

    Step 6

    Gordon’s right hand is on the inside thigh to assist on the way to get the back body lock. Also, his left arm is engaged the entire time.

    Step 7

    While maintaining the body lock, Ryan uses an outside foot sweep to drop André.

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