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Open Guard Hook Pass to Leg Lock

    Commonly known as the De La Riva guard, this technique allows for a leg lock when using the position’s weakness to your advantage. When your opponent hooks their left foot around your right leg, attempting a sweep or to keep distance, it’s a great time to use this variation of the open-guard pass.

    Step 1

    When attempting to pass your opponent’s guard, your left hand will be on opponent’s right knee and your right hand on opponent’s left knee.

    Step 2

    Keep your right hand on opponent’s knee, kneel down, locking their left leg with your right shin and hips.

    Step 3

    While you’re still controlling opponent’s left leg with your right hand and leg, roll over your right shoulder.

    Step 4

    Bring opponent with you as you roll.

    Step 5

    While rolling, take your left leg and cross it over your right foot, locking your legs in a figure four.

    Step 6

    After completing roll, wrap your arms around opponent’s thigh, squeezing to apply pressure, and pull towards yourself.

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