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John Danaher Removes Rash Guard?!?!

    John Danaher removed his rash guard in an unprecedented shift in the Jiu-Jitsu Professor’s fashion. The coach of New Wave Jiu-Jitsu received an All Blacks rugby jersey from a “very generous student” while visiting his mother in New Zealand this past week. While we do post a lot of Jiu-Jitsu Satire, this is actually real Jiu-Jitsu News. Mostly.

    Danaher’s wearing of rash guards is well known in the BJJ and grappling community. For those not in the know, he simply wears them all the time. Literally, everyday, all day. He’s been seen wearing a rash guard while attending a wedding and during his appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast.

    We are waiting to hear from back from Eddie Bravo, but there are a few conspiracies floating around concerning the unexpected situation.
    Rumors have spread across the interwebs citing that this clearly a signal of the end of times. Many are suggesting that this is a high level black belt move, and that Danaher is actually wearing a rash guard underneath the All Blacks jersey. Other’s suggest he was kidnapped and his account has been hacked.

    There has been a lot of praise of the new attire as well. Dozens of users commented on the exceptional choice of new garb. There is even a wild (but possibly true) rumor that every woman on the same flight home as Danaher is pregnant.
    We are left to speculate until Eddie Bravo returns from YouTube with his research.

    “Oh yeah!! Just finished teaching a jiu jitsu seminar in Brisbane Australia and a very generous student gave me a New Zealand All Blacks rugby jersey!! Screw the rash guard – I’m wearing THIS home!!”

    In 2018 Danaher posted on his Instagram 9 reasons why is he always wearing a rash guard. It ensured it has “nothing to do with fighting or being ready for fights” and “a five year old could easily defeat me.” He did however give a very Danaher breakdown of the reasons he chooses to wear a rash guard.

    1. “They are very comfortable.”

    2. “They are easily washed and dried

    3. “They are extremely low maintenance/wrinkle free/easily packed for travel etc.”

    4. “Being a low friction material, they are well adapted for wear under a jacket.

    5. “They enable me to comfortably demonstrate a technique in impromptu social situations to students.”

    6.”They are warm in cold weather, yet cooling in hot summers due to wicking effects, and; if caught in rainstorm, they will dry in minutes even while being worn.”

    7.” Some clothing companies sponsor and support my athletes. I am proud to represent any company that supports my people. ”

    8. “They are free as clothing companies are happy to see me wear their products.”

    9.”There is considerable variation in rashguard design that can vary from informal daily wear to more formal wear for dates/occasions. When it comes to comfort and utility and low maintenance, I have never seen an attire that can beat track pants, sneakers, rash guard and fanny pack. If I find something more comfortable in the future i will switch to that. It may not be aesthetically pleasing, but I am already rather ugly and odd looking so I don’t even bother with clothing aesthetics as my looks are a lost cause – if I had to rely on looks and charm for anything in my life I would be a homeless beggar already ”

    This may just be a phase Danaher is going through. It could be an actual glitch in the matrix. We’ll wait to hear an official response from Eddie until coming to a conclusion. Until then, we can all agreed that no one could have predicted this.

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