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Jon Jones Weighs in on Gordon Ryan & Nicky Rod

    Jiu-Jitsu fans are not the only ones paying attention to the Gordon Ryan vs Nicky Rod beef. Jon Jones, the older brother of Craig Jones, recently shared his thoughts in Gordon’s Instagram comments.

    Gordon Ryan posted a very Gordon recap of the WNO event that he pulled out of due to tummy troubles. Gordon was afraid of crapping his no-gi shorts in competition and pulled out of the much-anticipated recap against Felipe Pena just days before the big event. Gordon miraculously managed to show up to the event for photos with about 7 fans.

    Gordon’s recap was mainly filled with the greasing accusations of the extremely natural athlete, Nicky Rodriguez. It seems as though Gordon has moved from accusing Nicky of steroids last week to greasing this week.

    Jon Jones took the opportunity to comment on Ryan’s recap on Instagram mentioning how entertaining the feud between Ryan and Nicky had been as a fan.

    It seems as if even the biggest names in MMA can’t get their eyes off the BJJ drama. Gordon responded, offering to train soon with the new heavyweight.

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