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Kimura from Side Control

    The Kimura is an extremely powerful submission that you can set up countless ways. The Kimura name comes from Japanese Judoka, Masahiko Kimura. This is a basic setup and finish from side control.
    In this set up from side control, allow your opponent to get an underhook. They will often accompany this underhook with a bridge, as they try to get you off of them. The arm you are attaching is nearly exposed every time if your weight is distributed on them evenly. Correct timing of the arm attack to secure the figure four grip, as well as timing the hip switch correctly, will greatly help increase your success with this technique.

    Step 1

    Secure your opponent in side control position. A typical escape from bottom position here, is to reach for an underhook.

    Step 2

    As your opponent tries to push you off with their arm and defensive bridge attempt, secure their arm with both arm and switch your base to Reverse Kesa Gatame. Keep your arm wrapped tightly around your opponents triceps.

    Step 3

    Push off with your right foot. Use your weight to your opponents arm back to their body.

    Step 4

    Secure your opponents wrist with your left hand and lock in the figure four hold. A typical defense at this point is for your opponent to grab a hold of their own belt.

    Step 5

    Break your opponents grip by pulling their elbow tight against your body and then pull with your entire body back to completely break their grip.

    Step 6

    Drive your opponents wrist to the mat on their left side and switch your base to your right hip.

    Step 7

    Tilt toward your right side and swing your left leg over your opponents head to the other side.

    Step 8

    Lock your opponents head with your left leg. Keep heavy body pressure, maintain the figure four lock and continue to rotate their shoulder off the mat while pushing their wrist toward the mat.

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