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Liver King Lies About Training Jiu-Jitsu

The social media influencer known for preaching the benefits of eating raw meat has admitted to taking steroids to achieve his powerful muscular physique. Now the Jiu-Jitsu community is demanding the Liver King come clean about his Jiu-Jitsu training after his repeated claims of being a practitioner.

The Liver King has become a social media superstar over the past year making him one of the top influences in the country. The man with a bodybuilder physical, whos real name is Brian Johnson, created a massive following by claiming to eat raw meats and live by the 9 “Ancestral Tenets.”

The man is famous for eating liver, animal hearts, testicles and now admittedly steroids. In a six-minute-long video released on Friday, Liver King states that has done steroids in the past and is continuing to receive 0.6 milliliters of testosterone every week.

One of the “Ancestral Tenets” that the Liver King says he lives by is “Fight.” He even has a section of his website dedicated to this core tenet. His websites states, “We practice Jiu jitsu every Thursday. However, the “Fight” is much more than its literal translation. It’s about overcoming adversity and struggle, it’s the way of the evolutionary hunter, and it’s the way forward to express your most dominant form.”

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Unfortunately, there’s no evidence of him training Jiu-Jitsu at all. This is odd since much of his life is put on social media. There is no information of Brian Johnson training anywhere in the past. There is no information of any rank or instructor he ever trained under.

From Liver King’s TikTok

In the video posted last Friday on his YouTube channel, Johnson openly confessed that he has been lying to the public about his steroid use, while also acknowledging the benefits of taking extra testosterone.

‘I’m making this video to apologize because I f***** up, because I’m embarrassed and ashamed, because I lied,’ he said. ‘I stated this is a complicated as f*** topic, at least to me it is, because before social media I was rich and anonymous, and after social media, I’m still rich but no longer anonymous. ‘I never expected this kind of exposure in the public eye,’ he continued. ‘It’s been tricky as f*** to navigate.’

‘Well clearly I did it wrong, and I’m here now to set the record straight: Yes, I’ve done steroids, yes I am on steroids, monitored and managed by a trained hormone clinician,’ he explained. 

Johnson went on about why he created the Liver King persona and even labeled it an experiment. The goal of this said experiment was to spread to bring awareness to the 4,000 people a day who kill themselves, the 80,000 people a day that try to kill themselves.

‘This is my fight,’ he said. ‘This is why I exist.’ 

Brian stated he is among the 85 percent of Americans who suffer from self-esteem issues, noting: ‘that’s me, I’m part of that statistic.

‘That’s why I f****** work myself to death in the gym,’ he said. ‘This is why I do 12 to 15 blood-burning workouts a day just to feel like I’m OK.

‘I fully own that I f***** up,’ Johnson concluded. ‘All I can do is take extreme ownership right now, be better and lead myself to a better life as a better human.’ 

The video was released just days after Derek from, More Plates More Dates, released an hour long video accusing the Liver King of extensively using steroids with some hard evidence.

The video, titled ‘The Liver King Lie,’ has been viewed over 4 million times. Derek covers email exchanges between Johnson and an unnamed bodybuilding coach. The email go on to reveal an extensive hormone regimen costing Liver King $12,000 per month.

The emails show correspondence from Johnson to an unnamed bodybuilding coach in mid-2021, before Johnson launched his Liver King brand.  

The easiest way to prove if Liver King has any grappling skills is to see him rolling on the mats. Unfortunately, he will never do this and confessing about Jiu-Jitsu training will only further expose his fake marketing. The perpetual lying is probably not the best tactic for helping with mental health awareness.

Does it make you more primal to claim Jiu-Jitsu?

As the famous Royce Gracie quote goes, “The belt only covers two inches of your a**, you have to cover the rest.”

1 thought on “Liver King Lies About Training Jiu-Jitsu”

  1. I don’t believe anything the guy says. The likely truth is he lives in manicured pompous luxury, and everything else is show and theater.

    Most of all, of course, the product he sells – some pills in bottles that supposedly make the buyer “primitive”. Whatever that extremely oversimplified word is supposed to actually mean. Besides lies and illusions.

    I doubt he eats only meat. I doubt his family eats only meat. I doubt his lifestyle is very “primitive” at all. The muscle is hormone and doctor-made. He does not fight or live like primitives, but he takes photos next to fighters and primitive people.

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