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Logan Paul Trolls MMA Fans with Prime Drink

    Logan Paul has trolled MMA fans into thinking he was taking his combat sports career to the next level. Logan posted a teaser video to social media on Monday, leading to speculation in the MMA community of a UFC debut. The YouTuber who has turned his internet celebrity status into a lucrative combat sports career in recent years has signed his sports drink, Prime, as the Official Sports Drink of the UFC. Sorry folks, we won’t be seeing Logan fighting in the Octagon anytime soon.

    Logan’s Monday social media post had fans speculating about a potential MMA super fight with Patty Pimbrblett and even Conor McGregor.

    The video posted on Logan’s Instagram on Monday included clips of him wrestling, boxing, and signing a sheet with Dana nearby. Joe Rogan and Dana White were also included in the video commenting on Logan’s potential future in the UFC.  

    Paul, who has hosted Dana White on his Impaulsive Podcast, has been edging his way into the combat sports community for a few years now. He fought in a professional boxing match against KSI and went eight rounds with Floyd Mayweather in an exhibition bout. He has now made multiple WWE appearances and is scheduled for Wrestlemania later this year.

    Having gained some legitimate experience in boxing, Logan has also wrestled back in his high school days. The 27-year-old has received praise for his exciting performances in the WWE since his debut in 2021.

    Logan’s brother Jake, announced a multi-fight deal with Professional Fighters League earlier this month. Jake and Dana have had several public verbal spats with UFC President Dana White, while Logan has taken a different approach.

    The high-level troll move may upset fans that were hoping to see Logan step into the Octagon for more than promoting a drink.

    It’s important to note that Logan Paul has never actually won a boxing fight and has competed in only one professional setup. He fought an amateur fight against KSI which ended in a draw. The two rematched in a professional set up which ended up a decision win for KSI. Logan somehow went from losing to KSI to stepping into the ring to fight against Floyd Mayweather. However, it was an exhibition that wasn’t scored by any officials and was deemed a draw.

    ‘The Maverick’ still has the ability to pull in big paydays in boxing but it’s probably a good thing he is not jumping into MMA like his brother.

    Since its launch last year, Prime Sports drink has gained immense popularity. This has even led to people fighting in stores to get their hands on the YouTuber’s drink when it first hits the shelves. We’ve seen resellers price individual bottles as high as $35 and some parents have even paid thousands to get their hands on the drink.

    Talks of Paul fighting in the UFC heated up last year when the American called out Paddy Pimblett. It seems as if Logan is all talk and we won’t be seeing him get pummeled by Paddy the Baddy.

    We may not get the chance to see Logan in the Octagon this year, but at least his brother Jake will be officially stepping into the MMA scene.

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