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“Natty King” Nicky Rod Takes Blood Test

    Gordon Ryan and Nicky Rodriguez had some heated exchanges online this week. The back and forth eventually lead to Nicky getting blood work done to prove his natural status.

    Gordon may want to review his Instagram screen time this past week. He made sure his former teammate, Nicky Rodriguez was put on full blast in a series of Instagram posts and stories. Nisma posted a clip (see below) on Nicky Rod stating that Gordon’s most significant advantage was his use of steroids. Nicky may have been provoked to bring up Gordon, stating he was falsely accused of greasing during his match against Gordon last December at UFC Invitational 3.

    It didn’t take long for Gordon to respond on social media. He made hard claims that Nicky not only greased before their match but before numerous matches. The King’s largest issue with Nicky Rod is his claim of being a natural athlete. Gordon says Nicky is about as natural as the Liver King, and we know how that turned out.

    The King went on to share a number of posts and stories directed at the former DDS teammate. The dominant DDS team split up last year after their stint in Puerto Rico didn’t quite pan out. After the split, the team agreed not to talk trash about one another, which stayed pretty true until recently. Gordon, of course, shared all the details with screenshots of conversations of the pact on his Instagram.

    Derek, from the popular YouTube channel MorePlatesMoreDates, couldn’t stay away from the controversy. He famously ousted the Liver King on his YT channel for using PEDs last December. Derek set up an impromptu blood test for Nicky covered by Marek Health.

    via Instagram

    Nicky Rod didn’t shy away from the test, showing up the next morning with all smiles. Zack Telaner documented the test and posted a video on his YouTube channel.

    It doesn’t appear Gordon will be satisfied with the test no matter the results. Citing that“Nicky Fraud” is soft compared to his usual form and that it’s five months after the ADCC when everyone is cycling off PEDs. “The King” then called for random USADA testing from now until the next ADCC.

    Nicky responded that he would be happy to take the test with a stipulation. Gordon pays him $10,000 for each test passed and he would pay Gordon $10,000 for every test failed.

    Gordon used Godron’s logic in response. Stating that Nicky wants the money for testing so he would make sure he gets paid more for showing up natty and losing than he would be showing up on cycle and winning. Or he would just not compete until ADCC, stay natural, and then fake an injury and not compete but still get the money.

    Ryan beat Nicky in ADCC 2022 via heel hook and won via decision at the UFC Invitational. It looks like we are in for more Ryan vs Rodriguez action in the near future and we are here for it.

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