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NATTY Nicky Rod is Verified CLEAN

Derek from “More Plates More Dates” states that Nicky Rod is a steroid-free competitor

The test results are in and Gordon Ryan is wrong. Derek from MorePlatesMoreDates has reviewed the data and concluded that Nick Rodriguez is CLEAN. He goes on to state that Nicky was likely CLEAN when he competed against Ryan last December at UFC Fight Pass Invitational 3. However, we did discover that Nicky is showing signs of high cholesterol and has some pre-diabetic markers that he most certainly needs to keep an eye on.

Things heated up back in February between former teammates Natty Nicky Rodriguez and King Gordon Ryan. The two are both former teammates of Danaher Deah Squad and competed against each other at the ADCC Champions last year, and again in December at UFC Fight Pass Invitational 3. Gordon Ryan won on both occasions while fully juiced.

Rodriguez criticized Ryan for his transparent steroid use on a podcast in early February. Ryan didn’t take long to respond on Instagram alleging that Rodriguez is not a clean athlete himself, calling him “Nicky Fraud” and even going on to accuse Nicky of greasing.

Luckily, we had Derek from the popular YouTube channel “More Plates More Dates” break down all of Nicky Rod’s blood work. Even putting into perspective the timeframe Nicky competed and what specifically is showing up in his blood.

Since appearing on the Joe Rogan Experience and outing the Liver King, Derek is often regarded as an authority on steroids and PEDs.

When he heard of the Jiu-Jitsu drama, Derek offered to pay for a blood test to determine if Rodriguez is in fact a clean athlete. Natty Nicky didn’t hesitate and showed up and was tested the following morning.

The “More Plates More Dates” channel released a video with Derek’s entire analysis of Nicky Rodriguez’s blood test. The in-depth analysis can be heard there, but ultimately, we have learned the Nicky Rod is CLEAN and has been clean for quite some time.

Check out Derek’s full video below.

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