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Nick Rodriguez passes Felipe Pena’s guard – Breakdown ADCC 2022

    Nick Rodriguez uses his signature pass to capture 3 points and defeat Felipe Pena at ADCC 2022. Let’s take a look at how Nick used an opportunity to advance his grip, smash, and eventually get to dominate side control.

    Step 1

    From both knees, Nick dives in to Felipe’s butterfly guard keeping hit chin tucked and arms our wide. Felipe uses a left arm under hook, in which Nick capitalizes on.

    Step 2

    Nick smashes forward with his right arm over Felipe’s left under hook. Nick is able to secure an s-grip on Felipe’s lower back as his continues to smash forward with his chin tucked.

    Step 3

    With Felipe’s left arm trapped and the s-grip secured, Nick smashes Felipe to set up his grip advancement.

    Step 4

    Nick advances his s-grip from Felipe’s back to a head and arm using the Gable grip. Nick raises his hips while maintaining heavy headlock pressure.

    Step 5

    While keeping heavy headlock pressure, Nick uses hip switches and clears Felipe’s legs to move into side control.

    Step 6

    Nick continues to maintain the same headlock and Gable grip as he secures side control and gains 3 points. He keeps heavy chest pressure and pulls his knees close to Pena.

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