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Old School Sweep – Half Guard

    If you are able to properly secure the Lockdown along with double under hooks, it’s going to be very difficult for you opponent to pass your half guard. Once you have Lockdown secure, it’s important to move into your next transition quickly. This is one of Eddie Bravo’s classic half guard sweeps that is still extremely effective on a wide variety of people still today.

    Step 1

    Secure the Lockdown position with double under-hooks. Continue to apply pressure with your legs in Lockdown, while also squeezing your hands tightly with a gable grip around your opponents back. This should also create pressure on your opponents lower ribs.

    Step 2

    Release the gable grip but keep your left arm tight around your opponent waist. Reach your right hand under your opponents left foot, grabbing it near the toes.

    Step 3

    Move in a circle motion to your left. Release the Lockdown as you get up to your right knee.

    Step 4

    Use your left arm that is tight around your opponent, and create forward pressure. Simultaneously, pull your opponents left leg out from under them. These two movements, happening at the same time, will create the sweep.

    Step 5

    Once your opponent is swept, back step out with your right leg and slide into side control position. Be sure to apply as much weight as possible during this last transition to avoid a possible scramble.

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