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Open Guard Pass: Shin Block to Guard Pass

    This is a great option to pass your opponent’s open guard and follow with a quick attack. You must first quickly engage and disengage with your opponent’s leg. This will typically cause you opponent to circle their feet in an attempt to block control of their legs. With great timing and specific movement, you can take advantage of your opponents reaction and pass to an arm lock.

    Step 1

    It’s very typical for people to circle their legs to keep their opponent from holding and/or controlling them.

    Step 2

    It a quick motion, use your right hand to parry your opponents left leg to the side. It’s an added bonus if you can grab both feet and push them aside. More often than not, you will have to do with one.

    Step 3

    Step in quickly and press your shin into your opponents leg and shin.

    Step 4

    Push off with your right leg with continued pressure from your right shin onto your opponents left shin.

    Step 5

    Continue to apply pressure with your shin while sliding you knee over you opponents stomach. When do this, also use your right hand to pull your opponents left arm up at the wrist.

    Step 6

    Pass your right leg over your opponents head and sit back.

    Step 7

    Complete the arm lock while keeping your knees close together. Control the wrist the entire time from step 5 through step 7.

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