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Passing the Guard to Arm Lock

    This is fantastic move where the element of surprise is essential. Instead of applying normal guard-passing technique (whatever that is nowadays), surprise your opponent by going straight for the arm lock in an attempt to pass their sitting guard. Defending this move is very easy if your opponent is not surprised, and you could end up with losing your base. As you continue to try this technique out in practice, you will know when the right time is to use it. One of the best times to use it is during the lull of a fight, as you both are more relaxed and catching a breath, giving you the element of surprise.

    Step 1

    Prepare to pass guard by holding both sleeves of your opponent, while he is sitting down with both feet on the ground.

    Step 2

    Instead of attempting to pass guard, now is the time to surprise your opponent. Let go of their right arm as you pull their left arm, and throw your left leg over the opponent’s shoulder as you jump into the air.

    Step 3

    As you land on the ground, maintain firm control of your opponent’s left arm with both hands, and control of his shoulder with your left leg.

    Step 4

    Once in this position, you have 2 options to get the submission. You can continue with the arm lock by closing your legs in a figure four, with your right leg over your left ankle, pushing the opponent’s left arm across your right leg. The other option is to apply pressure to the opponent’s neck with your hips, finishing with a triangle choke.

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