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Pulling Guard to Arm Lock

    Pulling guard is looked down upon by some. But if you attack as you pull guard, there’s a chance you can gain a level of respect for that guard pull. Especially, if you pull off a submission in the process. This is great for surprising your opponent, pull guard then attack when they’re expecting a defensive move.

    Step 1

    Facing your opponent, stand in base holding the gi with right hand on opponent’s collar and left hand holding their sleeve at the elbow. Opponent uses the same grip. By making sure the right hand is on the collar by the chest area, closeness isn’t needed for a throw by controlling the separation between both fighters.

    Step 2

    Surprising your opponent, jump with both feet on top of their feet, which will keep them from stepping away. Seems a bit meh, but this works very well if done correctly.

    Step 3

    From this position, begin pulling down your opponent like you’re going to pull guard, sitting back while keeping your feet on top of theirs.

    Step 4

    As your back hits the ground, your left hand will still be controlling the opponent’s right elbow. Open your legs and pivot your hips to the left. Then lift your legs, throwing your left leg over the opponent’s head, so both of their arms are between your legs. By keeping your right hand on the opponent’s collar, you can use it to keep them away, setting up the leg lock.

    Step 5

    Apply pressure by raising your hips while holding the opponent’s arm, getting the leg lock.

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