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Setting up the Lockdown – Half Guard

    Master Eddie Bravo is credited with making this position quite famous over the years, or perhaps we should say infamous. Either way, it’s a jiu-jitsu position that deserves to be studied. With lots of offensive options to choose from, it’s important to understand the initial setup and concepts of applying lockdown properly.

    The Lockdown allows you to conserve energy for a brief moment in time. Within this brief moment of time, a few options to disrupt your opponents base is available.


    • Master the half guard first!
    • If your opponent passes your guard, remember that half guard is just one step away.
    • If utilized correctly, many jiu-jitsu practitioners will learn to respect their opponents lockdown half guard bottom and view it as a threat.
    • Become more confident in your half guard will also create a more aggressive offensive top mount and side control, having removed the fear of being reversed to your back.

    Step 1

    Secure the Lockdown by brining your left leg over your opponent’s right leg.

    Step 2

    Bring your right leg over the top of your left foot. When doing so, hook your right foot under your opponents right ankle.

    Step 3

    To complete the Lockdown, stretch by stretching out your legs. This will extend your opponents right leg and take away the right side of their base.

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