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Six year white belt offers advice to Pena following loss to Ryan

    Who’s Number One returned to action on Saturday with another stacked card featuring one of the most highly-anticipated grappling bouts of all time – Gordon Ryan vs Felipe Pena. It went down at the Sports Academy at The Star, the home of the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys training facility in Frisco, Texas.

    Frisco just so happens to also be the home of little Johnny Peterson (pronounced Hyan Gracie). Johnny is a while belt of 6 and a half years who has never given up. He remains on, “the path,” despite the embarrassing times he has faced on the mat. Johnny, exactly like Pena, was defeated to do exhaustion on Saturday.

    Gordon Ryan defeated Felipe Pena via Submission (Exhaustion) at 44 minutes and 41 seconds at Who’s Number One. Ryan successfully defended his WNO Heavyweight Championship.

    Sarah Connelly defeated Johnny from Frisco via Submission (Exhaustion) at 0 minutes and 19 seconds at Fight Frisco Jiu Jitu open mat. Sarah successfully defeated Johnny by passing his guard to side control and he quit.

    Johnny, even though defeated, showed up Saturday night for the big WNO event with his white belt on over his regular clothes. “I’ve earned this. I’m going to enjoy it.” We were not sure what he meant by that until we caught Johnny from Frisco talking to Pena in the hallway, after Pena was defeated. “It’s not about winning in the jiu-jitsu community, man. It’s about letting the people know outside of the community that jiu-jitsu is the best self defense martial art in all of the existence of all the martial arts that are here,” Johnny stated to Pena emotionally.

    “I quit almost every time I roll the jiu-jitsu. Which is usually every other Saturday during open mat or so. I’ve done it for 6 years and I’m not stopping anytime soon. I don’t do that for me. I do it to help others become better grapplers and just better people. Be proud you helped Gordon become even better tonight, man.”

    Pena hugged Johnny with an s-grip after their conversation. We haven’t been able to reach Pena for comment. However, we have heard that Pena is now teaching a women’s self defense course at a local DDP Yoga studio.

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