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Top Gifts to Give a Grappler

    It can be hard to know what to give a grappler, but don’t worry, we have narrowed down a list to help you out. Whether you’re searching for a gift to give a grappler or you are the grappler and Grandma asked for some ideas, we’ve got you covered. After an extensive investigation, interviewing thousands of grapplers from around the globe, we were able to determine the most wanted items by mat rats. It may have taken more effort than Gordan gave Andre, but we’ve somehow managed to narrow the list down to the best Jiu-Jitsu gifts of 2022. 

    Top Gifts for a Grappler this Holiday Season 

    Gift certificate to a Massage Therapist, Chiropractor, or Surgeon.

    Not all surgeons take gift certificates, so this option can be difficult. However, a one hour massage session can do a grappler wonders. Once jiu-jitsu becomes a lifestyle, injuries are only a matter of time. Many grapplers don’t have shoes let alone health insurance. Trips to the chiropractor and doctor can be expensive, so do them a favor and help out with those medical bills. 

    Soap and or Anti-Ringworm Ointment

    Sometimes people are gross. If you know someone that is gross and they are doing martial arts, please do everyone a favor and get them soap. Their grossness does not stop once they enter their gym. Before the uncomfortable conversation has to happen with their coach, give them a heads up by dropping the hint with a bar of Defense Soap. 

    Boxing or MMA Lessons

    Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu guys that have never trained standup can be arrogant about how their grappling would actually hold up in a fight. Throwing hands with a seasoned boxer or kickboxer can help give them perspective that a quick right uppercut or knee during a takedown can change the game quickly. 

    Private Lessons with their Favorite Grappler 

    It is of no surprise that Craig Jones was the most chosen celebrity grappler requested for private lessons. Due to his demanding OnlyFans schedule and his time spent raising a family with the lovely Gabi Garcia, it may be hard to nail down Craig these days. Fortunately, there are plenty of other elite grapplers who offer the gift of private lessons. This includes your local BJJ instructor that won NAGA Intermediate Masters 3 division 7 years ago. 

    An Oil Check

    You first thought might be, well this is strange. Your second thought might be, well, they do make a lot of trips in their vehicle to Jiu-Jitsu class. You nailed it. Please get your favorite grappling bud a gift card to get their oil changed. They’ll understand. 

    A Gift Wrap Lesson

    Pun fully intended. 

    Nail Clippers and File

    Seriously though. If you suspect your receiver of said gift to have a long nail problem, their grappling pals will forever thank you for such a thoughtful gift. 

    Ibuprofen (Amazon Subscription)

    This is one of those useful gifts that will undoubtedly be heavily appreciated. If you go this route, you’ll need to purchase twice as much as you think is reasonable or go with a subscription. But seriously.

    Time Machine

    This fantasy gift was mostly requested by depressed 6 year balding brown belts who stared off into the distance wondering when things went wrong. 

    Home Mats

    This generally only applies to white and blue belts. Purple belts and above will most likely already have mats at home and have invited you over to grapple. A more expensive gift, but the aggressive white belt or competitive blue belt would surely appreciate it. 

    New Rash Guards and Spats

    The perfect gift for the flamboyant blue or the passionate purple belts.

    Top Brand Gi

    Not many people chose this option since hardly anyone does gi anymore. There are a few quality brand BJJ gi companies that still run sales and specials around the Christmas and holiday season. You can probably find some good deals because they will probably go out of business soon.

    Epsom Salt

    The largest container will do. And then get another one.

    Finger and Athletic tapes

    Some folks use a lot of finger tape because they actually need it, others go through a lot because it looks cool when you put it on. Either way, finger tap is expensive. A nice pack of finger tape will only make a grappler smile.

    CBD oil full spectrum or THC (if they can handle it)

    Grapplers need time to relax and let the body heal. CBD can certainly help the body recover and ease the mind. If they are more seasoned in this area, like Master Baret Yoshida, then perhaps a gift containing Joey Diaz amounts of THC would be the way to go.  

    Steroids, Supplements and Vitamins

    Whether they are competing in tournaments or competing in the gym, you can’t go wrong with some high quality steroids. Don’t worry, everyone does it.

    Gift Card to an Injury Free Month

    If only this was real though.

    Anger Management Classes

    This is to help with emotional control during those moments of rage your grappler friend or loved one experiences. These are rare but occur when asked about their Karate rank or their dentist tells them how his 9 year son is a black belt. You might not understand, but your grappling pal will.

    Honorable Gift Mentions:

    Yoga Lessons

    Foam Roller

    Gym Bag/ Backpack

    Map of Flat Earth (bonus if signed by Eddie Bravo)

    Mouth Guard


    Money for Seminars 

    Digital Instructionals

    Gordon Ryan’s Signature

    FloGrappling Subscription

    Flip Flops

    BJJ Ranked Socks

    No cash? No problem. Offer to let them drill moves on you or (if you really want to make an impression) offer to watch their competition videos while acting interested. Yes, you have to be committed for this one. 

    There you have it, the top Gifts to Give a Grappler in 2022! We are confident this list will help provide the grappling gift guidance you were seeking. Trust us, we’ve looked into it.

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