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Triangle Choke from Closed Guard

    Similar to the armbar, their are countless options for setting up and getting the triangle choke. This is a “classic” set up from the closed guard position. A triangle choke is one of the major submissions in jiu-jitsu and it stands out with the incredible force it has if applied properly. The triangle choke traps your opponent’s head and arm between your legs, which are a large and powerful muscle group.

    Step 1

    Secure your opponent in the closed guard position. For your initial grip setup, use a cross collar grip and sleeve control.

    Step 2

    Place your left foot on their hip and right foot on the mat.

    Step 3

    Extend your left leg and hip escape far to your right side.

    Step 4

    Shoot your right foot to the sky and circle your left leg over your opponent’s left arm. Stop movement with your left leg once you make contact with their shoulder and neck area.

    Step 5

    Push off their right hip to create a slight angle. The most effective and powerful triangle choke is applied with the correct angle. Your goal should be to get your right calf across the back of their neck.

    Step 6

    Lock your left knee over your right angle. To finish, continue downward pressure with your right leg and squeeze your knees together.

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