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Triangle Choke from Mount

    The triangle choke is another attack that is a great asset to your mount submission game. When attacking this position, do what should now come naturally. You do not need to confuse your game by trying to awkward setup. Instead, push down on one of your opponents hands while trapping his other and pulling down on his neck. This should repeal very similar to the basic triangle set up from the guard. Remember if the technique works great in one situation, the leverage and mechanics should be present in others.

    Step 1

    Stabilize your top mount position.

    Step 2

    Try to defeat your opponents upward advance by bracing your right form against their hips and tucking your left elbow inward. Continue to force your opponents left wrist into their body.

    Step 3

    While pressing your opponents arm into them, lean to your left and lift your opponent’s head off the mat with your left hand.

    Step 4

    Step your right leg over your opponents left shoulder in a near triangle.

    Step 5

    Circle your right foot toward your butt knee and clamp your shin with your left hand.

    Step 6

    In order to create the necessary angle to lock in the triangle, you must lean towards your right.

    Step 7

    To finish the submission, rotate back to a square position and pull up on the head of your opponent while squeezing your knees together.


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