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Inflation forces McDojo’s to raise prices for fake black belts

    It’s getting more and more expensive to get a black belts these days. Everybody and every business is feeling the effects of inflation this year. That includes your local martial arts studio. Prices are going up and black belt fabric has never been more expensive.

    Just ask local BJJ school owner, Kenny Showers from Dallas, Texas. “I know what a black belt means. I know the true benefit of having one. It’s worth way more than any amount of money or treasures or NFT or crypto.” Showers has owned a school for over 7 years and just recently joined his sixth jiu-jitsu affiliation.

    “That’s why I know we can use inflation as a reason to charge $500 for belt test and $3200 for black belt test,” Showers stated proudly.

    Showers, who became IBJJFU certified last month, says he has over 100 students signed up on his new financing plan.

    “We do offer long term financing that you can start as a while belt. For only $160 a month, you can finance your path to black belt over a 6 year term.” Showers said this offer is not unique to his gym and that you can find similar offers in cities throughout the USA. “It’s pretty sweet since you can get your black belt 100% of the time with this offer as long as your make all the monthly payments and belt test fees.” Showers did want to point out this offer only includes a day pass to the annual belt ceremony & BBQ and it does not allow participation to any other classes or belt tests.

    Showers summed up the “new” way to black belt very simply. “It’s important jiu-jitsu evolves or it will not evolve.”

    With the demand to be a cool jiu-jitsu black belt on the rise, inflation effecting our everyday spends, it only makes sense for schools to adjust their business strategy.

    Master Eddie Bravo has also been very vocal on the subject saying, “Look into it.”

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